Corporate responsability

In Panapel Partners S.L, we are especially sensitive to the environment, and therefore, we do not sell any product from fibers produced with wood from Selva Virgen.

All the products of the Factories that we represent have certifications such as Sustainable Forests Initiative (SFI), Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Forest Certification Systems Recognition Program (PEFC). In addition, we are against all types of child exploitation, promoting fair treatment for all Group employees. We are especially active in the fight for equality of the Company’s employees and collaborators, rejecting any type of discrimination due to Religion, Sexual Orientation or politics, as well as due to their ethnic origin.

Ours is an organization with equal opportunities between men and women, working for the highest level of welfare of our employees.

Our Clients and Suppliers are our main raison d’être. Behind every use of our products, there are always people. It is for and for them that we work daily, to be able to offer products that contribute to improving the standard of living of consumers.